Corporate profile

Corporate structure:

Corporate The Vanadurgi Agarwood Limited is a shareholding, transparent and democratic organisation. Vanadurgi Group is the main promoter, investor and shareholder in the organisation. NGOs and progressive farmers who promote the crop and act as facilitators between the company and the planters are also stakeholders. Planters are also allotted shares in accordance with the number of trees they plant. The company has designed the structure in such a manner that transparency is maintained at every step of its operation - agarwood cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing - by keeping its long-term corporate vision in mind.

  • Cultivation of agarwood in India and abroad, and the processing, buying, marketing, export and import of various agarwood produce.
  • To encourage research and development activities for agarwood production, and creating alternative markets for agar products.
  • To collaborate with companies or organisations that have an immense knowledge in agarwood industry to implement projects on a global scale.
  • Through agarwood agro-forestry, increasing the economic growth of farmers along with environmental conservation.


Corporate The company has fruitful collaborations with international institutions and companies for the mutual exchange of agarwood-related ideas and comprehensive technical know-how on a global level. It has an understanding with major international companies to purchase inventories, and precisely for this very same reason, the company has entered into contract farming with planters. Genetically-traced seedlings and the artificial fungal inoculation technology know-how at an affordable price are part of it. Further, the company has entered into collaborative research with Indian forest institutions, horticulture department, agriculture universities etc., for the development of comprehensive cultivation, artificial inoculation and processing technologies.

Directors to board:

Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Chairman/CEO
Mr. Prasanna M Director to board
Dr. G. S Mahabala Rao Director to board
Dr. Savyasachi Director to board
Mr. G. Chandra Director to board
Mr. Ganapathi P M Director to board
Dr. Nanjappa B C Director to board
Mr. M L Murthy Director to board
Mr. Manjunath bhat Director to board
Dr.Vijay Angadi Director to board
Mr. Manjunath M R Director to board
Mr. Nagaraj bhat Director to board
Mr. Manjunath Kumar Director to board
Mr. A R Mahesh Director to board
Mr. T S Chengappa Director to board
Mr.V.Prakash Director to board
Mr. Prakash Bhat Director to board
Mr.Prakash M E Director to board
Mr. S. V Vasanth Director to board
Mr.Bhaskar Director to board
Mr. Sathish Director to board
Mr.Sundaresh K M Director to board
Mr. A.J Prashanth Director to board
MMr.Sandeep D Director to board
Mr. Venkatesh Director to board
MMr. Trimuthy H.G Director to board
Mr.Vijay T.G Director to board
Mr.Umesh K Director to board

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