Democratic organisation
Public organisation:

Democratic The Vanadurgi Agarwood India Ltd., as a democratic organisation operate on trust, adult-to-adult relationships, and open access relevant financial informations, with clear lines of accountability. Company is designed to handle and adapt to perpetual growth and change with minimal waste, and streamlined execution, to achieve bottom-line goals. Company is a planter shareholding democratic organisation which has formed by farmers, for the benefits of the farmers. It has designed with the strong foundation, long-term vision and transparency at each stage.

Planters and company relationship:

Democratic Company has established this industry as a collective, transparent and progressive venture, with the planters participation and partnership. Vanadurgi being a sole organisation it is providing all services for plantation development, management, government works, research, inoculation, processing and sales so that nothing burden on farmers and relationship will always flourish. To keep in regular touch with planters company is carrying out various activities such as farmers meets, field days, organised plantation visits, annual general body meetings, call centre services, SMS services and Agar bulletin etc. Our ardent belief is that the well-being of one and all, especially empowerment of farmers, implicit in the hope of ours.

Planters and company agreement:

Democratic A agreement is is signed in between growers and company stating responsibility of each party until final harvesting of trees. The summary of the agreement is that the responsibility of the grower is to cultivate the crop as per technical guideline from the company and company should provide, all required services, throughout the crop period. The company will establish the processing centre and it take care of inoculation, harvesting, processing and sales of inventories. Each party has to look after their own costs, planter should sell all his trees only to the company and company should purchase the produces for the market price.

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