Innovative Technologies

Agriculture technology:

Innovative Company had developed most of its plantations in the unique model of inter-croping system, with three to four compatible crops are grown in the same place in the right spacing which has lowest production cost. Plantations are promoted in ideal locations based on climate, elevation, soil fertility, topography, rain fall, water source etc. Company has introduced a genetically traced spices, to get better results in terms of productivity and quality. Our plantations are in the elevation in-between 2000ft to 3500ft from MSL, the climatic zones which has long duration of freezing winter and warm summer which influence to produce a best quality resinous wood.

Artificial-inoculation technology:

Innovative Company has developed most of its plantations in heavy rain fall high ranges which encourages insect boring followed by fugal infection and formation of a best quality resinous wood. Company has conducted the research that have led to the inoculation technology which produces less volume but better quality resinous wood. It is an efficient method, which resembles natural phenomena with simple and cheap steps are adopted. Results so for shows good quality similar to that of wild agarwood in terms of chemical constituents and essential oil content, with a strong fragrance and ideal texture and desirable black resin. As in now methodology remains as a technical secret.

Processing technology:

InnovativeAt Vanadurgi, innovation's bought numerous modifications in the diverse aspects of pre harvesting and processing to various grades of wood. Company has developed an good efficient essential oil distilling process from medium and lower grades of Agarwood with the assistance of its well experienced sister concerns. In order to retain volatile components and heat sensitive constituents, it is following cryogenic grinding system to powder superior grades of resinous wood. Purest quality, high grade oil is extracted from resinous wood through super critical fluid extraction using cordon-di-oxide as solvent.

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