Pioneer corporation back
  • We provide right products, of right quality at right time.
  • We assure Corporate governance, pro-active customer service.
  • We promise reliable agar products without adulteration.
  • We ensure standard products and a stable long-term regular supply.
  • We are a democratic firm that ensures transparency at every stage.
  • We are a public sector company with thousands of shareholders.
  • We are a company where farmers are also shareholding partners.
  • We use innovative technology at every stage.
  • We have foreign collaborations with leading companies.
  • We promise end-to-end services until the final harvesting.
  • We are one of the largest groups of plantations in the world.
  • We are India’s first agarwood plantation company.
  • We are largest agarwood plantation company in the country.
  • We introduced agarwood to South India.
  • We have plantations and presence in all South Indian states.
  • We have good technical know-how required - from plantation to the final product.
  • We offer the buy-back purchase agreement.
  • We have over 5,000 plantations under our management.

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