Vanadurgi Agarwood

The endeavour of Vanadurgi is to become a one-stop-shop for value-added agarwood products of best quality at a reasonable price, with no parallels elsewhere in the world. With this aim, the company has developed over 5,000 plantations in order to maintain a stable supply with standard quality in the long run. Plantations are developed in a unique, low-cost tree growing model of inter-cropping system so that the products can be reasonably priced. In order to produce the best quality of resinous wood by encouraging natural infection, most of our plantations are developed in regions that receive a heavy rainfall, and enjoy warm summers and freezing winters, conditions that yield superior quality oil. The company follows a multilevel processing system comprising traditional and state-of-art technologies to manufacture various agarwood products such as chips, flakes, powder, essential oil etc. As planters are also shareholding partners of the company, care is taken to maintain transparency at each and every stage, so that the products are of the best quality, leading to optimal customer satisfaction.

Right from its inception, Vanadurgi has aimed to assimilate innovative concepts in product manufacturing with advanced technology. Further, breathing life into the dreams of our founders, our talented, enthusiastic team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the processes are standardised to manufacture best products. We have drawn up ambitious expansion plans for the coming years with experience, expertise and establishment in place. We offer the right product of the right quality at the right time at a reasonable price, with a truly professional approach, pro-active customer service and convincing hands-on logistics. Write to us if you wish to purchase Vanadurgi agarwood, or if you are interested in becoming agents or distributors, or are looking for any other kind of long-term business association.


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