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The agricultural sector of India has been reeling under the effects of globalisation, incongruous prices, climate imbalance etc., for quite some time now. In such a scenario, Vanadurgi Agarwood India Ltd introduced agarwood to South Indian farming community as a commercial crop that can take them forward on the path of progress. Agar cultivation not just for the income it fetches, but also for the contribution it makes to keep our environment clean and green. The company is a planter-share-holding, democratic and transparent public organisation that is exclusively involved in the complete agarwood chain, right from soil to oil.

The company has enormous experience, expertise and establishments in each and every segment of the agarwood industry. It currently owns and/or manages over 5,000 plantations, emerging as one of the world’s largest agarwood plantation companies. About 99% plantations, spread across the South Indian states, are promoted by our organisation through a unique plantation development, management, processing and marketing model. Plantations are developed in the best climatic zones possible to produce good quality resinous wood, and in the inter-cropping system, which has the lowest production cost.

The endeavour of Vanadurgi is to become a one-stop-shop for value-added agarwood products of the best quality in a reasonable price with no parallels elsewhere in the world. The company follows a multilevel processing system comprising a cluster of full-fledged primary processing units at nine places, an extraction factory, a supercritical fluid extraction facility, warehousing, and a packing and forwarding centre. Vanadurgi enjoys global network. It offers the right product of the right quality at the right time at a reasonable price, with a truly professional approach, pro-active customer service and convincing hands-on logistics. We welcome you to make this a mutually-beneficial venture.

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