Organic production process to obtain purest quality products

Chips Production

Quality is key element in the production of good quality resinous wood chips.  We have kept priority to procure wild wood trees from Assam, Megalaya, Tripura and Nagaland province of north east India. Such Agarwood logs from suppliers are segregated at our associated facility into chips and extraction grade depending on resin content in the material. We focus on each and every step as right from harvesting after the completion of winter, when the trees have the maximum oil content. All these collective efforts leading to the production of best quality wild wood Chips.

The company is establishing a cluster of primary processing centres in the dense plantation zones of Karnataka for the production of cultivated Agar wood chips.  As soon as the infected trunks of inoculated trees are harvested, small twigs are separated from them, and the stem is cut into pieces 1 to 2 metres long, weighing around 10 to 20 kg each. They are then transported to the nearest primary processing station which has skilled labour and supporting facilities. Trees are slit and infected, and the non-infected parts are separated using indigenous tools. Arrangements are made to process the trees into different grades in the presence of growers. The infected wood is then graded according to industry standards as soft yellowish white material, average quality brown ones, and blackish parts which can be used for making chips.


At a prime plantation zone of Karnataka province company has set up primary processing units. A standard Chips production and resinous wood extraction facility that will roll out several tons of the daily production is coming up. Resinous wood Chips from all the primary processing units are polished and sent for modern processing at Bangalore, and are finally packed and forwarded to customer destinations.  And lower grades which are not edible for chips are extracted for oil through the modern process to get super grades of oil.  Quality of our cultivated wood is almost similar quality that of medium quality wild wood and available for reasonable price as well.