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The Company

The Vanadurgi Agarwood India Limited is a public sector company that is exclusively engaged in the cultivation, production and marketing of Agarwood. While Vanadurgi Group is the chief promoter, investor and shareholder of the organisation, NGO’s that are promoting the crop, and progressive farmers who are into Agarwood cultivation are also the stakeholders. The company structure is designed in such a manner that transparency is maintained at every step of its operation, by keeping long-term corporate vision in mind.

Vanadurgi Group

Vanadurgi Group has generations of experience in agriculture. It owns large expanses of plantations. Agricultural assets currently owned and/or under the management on behalf of private clients exceed over 150 million USD. It has established excellent trust in agricultural management. Members of the group are engaged in diversified portfolios of the agro-industrial sector, real estate, retailing, etc. It is a leading supplier of various agricultural commodities and raw materials for food products and cosmetics to domestic and global destinations.


To cultivate Agarwood in India and abroad; the processing, buying, marketing, export and import of various Agarwood produce.

To encourage research and development activities for Agarwood production, and creating alternative markets for Agar products.

To collaborate with companies or organisations with immense knowledge in the Agarwood industry to implement projects on a global scale.

To facilitate the economic growth of farmers along with environmental conservation through Agarwood agroforestry.


Public Organisation

As a democratic organisation, The Vanadurgi Agarwood India Limited operates on trust and demonstrates high levels of accountability and transparency by providing relevant information to stakeholders about the organisation and its financial performance. It is a company formed by the farmers, for the benefit of the farmers, where farmers are the primary shareholders along with the promoters and the chief promoters. In a world where change is the only constant, our mission is to handle and adapt to perpetual growth and change with minimal waste and streamlined execution to achieve bottom-line goals, and to safeguard farmers’ interests.

Relationships - between the planters and the company

Established as a collective, transparent and progressive venture with planters’ participation and partnership, Vanadurgi provides every service necessary for plantation development, management, government-related works, research, inoculation, processing, and sales so that the farmers are not burdened in any manner, and the relationship flourishes. As a requisite step in this direction, we organise timely farmers’ meets, field days, plantation visits, annual general body meetings, call centre services, SMS services, Agar bulletin etc., to be in touch with the planters. At the core of our practises is the well-being of one and all, especially the empowerment of farmers.

Agreement - between the planters and the company

Since transparency is key, an agreement is signed between the planter and the company stating the responsibility of each party until the final harvesting of trees. The summary of the agreement is as follows:

  • It is the responsibility of the planter to cultivate the crop as per the technical guidelines issued by the company.
  • The company provides the required services throughout the crop period.
  • The company establishes the processing centre; will take care of inoculation, harvesting, processing, and the sale of inventories.
  • Each party has to take care of its own cost.
  • Planters should sell all their produce only to the company.
  • The company should purchase the produce at the market price.


The company has fruitful collaborations with international institutions and companies for the mutual exchange of Agarwood-related ideas and comprehensive technical know-how on a global level. The company has entered into collaborative research with Indian forest institutions, the Horticulture Department, agricultural universities and so on for the development of comprehensive cultivation, artificial inoculation, and processing technologies. Further, it has an understanding with international companies to purchase inventories, and precisely for this very same reason, it has entered into contract farming with planters.



Planters obtain seedlings from the company, through its buy-back agreement, to become members of the company. They are in a long-term association with the company. Planters are also allotted some percentage of shares in accordance with the number of trees they planted during the initial years, and later allotted memberships to enable company services.


The Vanadurgi Agarwood India Limited has progressive promoters in every taluk and district. These promoters function as facilitators between the company and the planters. They are also allotted with some percentage of shares. 

Chief Promoter

Vanadurgi Flavours and Extracts Private Limited is the chief promoter of The Vanadurgi Agarwood India Limited. It has earned this distinction by engaging itself in the export of value-added ingredients for food products and cosmetics, and by introducing Agarwood cultivation to this part of the country after studying and researching the market, the value of Agarwood, and the constant demand for Agarwood and it’s byproducts. 


In an effort to ensure an efficient and transparent operation, there are many suggestion committees in place, comprising promoters and planters, for various units of the company, including cultivation, marketing, processing, etc. The company operates on the suggestions given by these committees.


The promoters and the suggestion committees meet on a regular basis to assess the progress of the company, to collect the shareholders’ responses, and to take decisions that contribute to the advancement of the company. As per company rules, important decisions are taken in the presence of planters and promoters during the annual general body meeting.


  • To run the operations in a democratic manner involving planters, promoters, and the chief promoter, and share the profits among them.
  • To make Agarwood cultivation a boon for farmers.
  • To make our shareholders/members join hands with us to take the company and the planters forward on the path of progress.


At Vanadurgi, technological innovations and R&D activities in association with experts in the field have resulted in numerous modifications to the diverse aspects of the Agarwood industry. While technological innovations at every step have resulted in enhanced production and decreased cost, they have also resulted in superior quality products at reasonable prices, something that the industry looks forward to. Many in-house technologies developed with the active assistance of its sister concerns have also proved to be very advantageous to the company’s growth. Research activities are also underway with government and private institutions to develop a comprehensive artificial inoculation technology and scientific and modern methods of cultivation. Associations are also in progress for research and development with the horticulture and forest departments, agricultural universities, forestry colleges, and medicinal and aromatic plant boards etc. The company has close collaborations with expert organisations and individuals in the Agarwood industry around the globe.

Agricultural Technology

Vanadurgi’s plantations are developed in the unique model of inter-cropping system where three to four compatible crops are grown together, with the right spacing, resulting in the lowest production costs. Plantations are promoted in ideal locations based on climate, elevation, soil fertility, topography, rainfall, water source etc. We have also introduced genetically traced species to get better results in terms of productivity and quality. Our plantations are in an elevation ranging from 2,000 ft to 3,500 ft from MSL, climatic zones which have a long duration of freezing winter and warm summer, conditions that result in the best quality of resinous wood.

Inoculation Technology

Most of Vanadurgi’s plantations are in heavy rainfall ranges that encourage insect boring, followed by fungal infection, and the formation of the best quality resinous wood. Years of extensive research has led to the inoculation technology that produces less volume but good quality resinous wood. An efficient method that follows simple and cost-effective steps, it resembles natural phenomena. The results this far have shown good quality wood, similar to that of wild Agarwood in terms of chemical constituents and essential oil content, with a strong fragrance, ideal texture, and desirable black resin.

Harvesting Technology

The company offers end-to-end solutions employing advanced technologies in harvesting and regenerating Agarwood trees. Especially in the Assam region, right identification of the infected trees, and harvesting them at the right time, are very important in conserving uninfected trees. As only 7 out of 100 trees are naturally infected, Vanadurgi provides the right advice on harvesting the infected trees to get maximum income. Trees are recommended for harvesting after the completion of winter, when they have the maximum oil content. The company recommends the pulling out of the tree along with its roots only in cases where the root is infected. The company generally recommends only the harvesting of branches, which is good for the conservation of trees as well.

Primary Processing

At Vanadurgi, constant innovation has resulted in numerous modifications in the diverse aspects of pre-harvesting, processing, and segregating wood into various grades. Trees chosen for harvest are cut down, leaves plucked out, and cut into pieces 1 to 2 metres long, weighing 10 to 20 kg each, and transported. At the primary processing facility, the bark is slit and the infected and the non-infected wood parts are separated using indigenous tools. The infected wood is then graded according to industry standards as soft yellowish white material, brown, and black. Whereas the average quality of Agarwood is brown in colour, the best one is black, giving out a good fragrance when burnt. The wood is segregated into various grades depending on its density, and each grade is separately used for extraction.

Traditional Processing

The use of simple technologies coupled with years of experience is playing a major role in yielding quality Agar oil. While the company follows traditional methods to extract Agar oil in its purest form from naturally infected wood, it employs modified processes at various stages of the extraction process to produce fragrances as per the customers' requirements. It has developed an efficient Agarwood oil distilling process with the assistance of its sister concerns which are engaged in the extraction of value-added ingredients for food products and cosmetics. Steam distillation or hydrodistillation is followed with the catalysts to increase recovery. The number of days of distillation, temperature, condensation, and the collection of oil as per the distillation duration will determine the quality of Agar oil.

Modern Processing Technology

The temperature of the Agarwood powder in the general grinding process which does not use a cooling system can reach up to +70 degrees. Such a high temperature will reduce volatile components and heat-sensitive constituents in the Agarwood powder. Therefore, the company follows the cryogenic powdering system in case of extraction of superior grades of resinous wood. In order to get the best quality product and highest recovery, superior grades of chips are extracted in the Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) system using carbon-di-oxide as a solvent. SCFE is the process of separating one compound, that is oil, from another compound, that is Agarwood powder, using supercritical fluids with high pressure.


Vanadurgi provides its employees with opportunities to flourish and grow in a corporate environment. If you are a self-motivated professional with a passion and integrity to work for customer satisfaction, and inspired to apply your creativity and skills to further your potential, you are invited to send in your application. 

Currently, we have the following job openings:



No. of openings : 1

Job code : 301 

Qualification : BSc (Agriculture/Horticulture). 

Experience : Minimum 2 years experience in plantation management.


No. of openings : 1

Job code : 302 

Qualification : BCom.

Experience : Minimum 2 years experience as an accountant.


No. of openings : 3

Job code : 303 

Qualification : Graduation (Degree or Diploma)

Experience : Freshers from agricultural families.


No. of openings : 20

Job code : 304 

Qualification : SSLC / PUC 

Experience : Working background.

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