Retail Products

No additives, preservatives or artificial color


Sister concern and associated companies of Vanadurgi are engaged in the production of value added retail products. Merchandise ranges from Incense sticks, Incense Cones, Agarwood Coils, Attar, Perfume, Beads, Wild Junks etc.

Incense Sticks

  • All of our incense sticks are made out of chemical free process and safe for daily uses.
  • Made from pure Agarwood powder, water and natural glue, without the chemicals inside.
  • Handmade using highest quality natural ingredents, purify the environment, no more unpleasant scent.

Dehan Al Oudh

  • Made out of amazing pure oil directly sourced and distilled oil from the forest and natural trees from Assam region.

  • Hand selected pure den – al Oud oil has a very sweet smell, strong and spicy aroma and make sure it’s quality and purity.

  • Various blends comes up 3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml Glass Bottles with dip stick for a smooth application.

Oud Boukhour

  • Excellent blend of Agarwood powder, frankincense musk, Amber, aromatic oils, and resins.
  • 100 % natural ingredients used, products are made out of chemical free process and safe for daily use.
  • Two variants of Boukhour comes up in a tablet of 9 pellets, packed in jars. 

Agarwood Cones

  • All of our products are made out of chemical free process and 100% safe for daily use.
  • Cones are made from the super quality Agarwood powder and with long-lasting special scent.
  • Manufactured as 3 variants with 75 cones of 100 grams packed plastic jars. 

Agarwood Soap

  • Soap is made up of only natural ingredients such as Agarwood oil, Aloe vera, Coconut oil etc.
  • Oud soaps comes up with different sizes, qualities and fragrances, to meet the needs of consumers.
  • Oud soap has number of benefits to skin such as lighting the skin, reduce fine wrinkles, pimple scars pigmentation.

Agarwood Tea

  • Our tea is 100 % pure and manufactured from tender leaves from our plantation.
  • Our Oud tea does not contains any additives, preservatives or artificial color
  • Tea is loaded with antioxidants that helps to boost metabolism, burn fat, act as detoxifier etc

Agarwood Coil

  • We manufacture two type of Agarwood Coil made from the superiors quality oud powder of natural source.
  • Available in standard packs of 48 coils packed in plastic pouch and the master pack of such 10 pouch.
  • Coils guarantees you long lasting aroma and you can still smell the fragrance after many hours of burning.


  • Offers a unique variety of handmade designer fragrances of Eau De Perfume that is a perfect mix of traditional Arabic perfume.
  • Oud oil blended with natural essential oils of Amber, Cardamom, Rosewood, black Pepper, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver etc
  • Eau de Parfume comes up in 30 ml and 60 ml bottles with selections both for Men, Women and Unisex consumers.

Agarwood Jewellery

  • Made out of natural and wild Agarwood sourced from the forest of Assam and has a natural scent.
  • Our bracelet is handcrafted piece, some beads maybe not perfectly round and all are unique.
  • Because of the nature, the colour pattern of each bracelet looks different and a little variations in the size also.


We offer the right product of right quality at the right time at a reasonable price with a truly professional approach, proactive customer service and convincing hands-on logistics. If you wish to purchase our Agarwood products or if you are interested in becoming agents or distributors, or are looking for any other kind of long-term business association, kindly fill in the form or write to We welcome you to associate with us and make it a mutually beneficial collaboration.

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