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welfare programme

Vanadurgi Agarwood India Limited has introduced Agarwood cultivation to the South Indian farming community as a commercial crop that can take them forward on the path of progress. Vanadurgi is engaged in various welfare programmes.

The benefits of Agarwood cultivation are many: 

Income Generation

Agarwood, till the time of its harvest, is a crop that doesn’t burden the planter, or demand any kind of special care. The cost of growing the tree, right from its planting stage, is about Rs 500, while the average inoculation cost may be around Rs 2,000. Assuming the sales price to be about Rs 12,500 for all the grades, the net profit would be around Rs 10,000 per tree, which is better than the income from any other crop currently cultivated in the region. Further, Agarwood is a crop that is also good in terms of value; it is a crop that guarantees a good future to the farming community.

Job Creation

Agarwood is a crop which can create many job opportunities, right from its planting stage to inoculation to processing and sales. While the planting and maintenance of the crop requires people, so also field inspection and related programmes; artificial inoculation is technical work, and on an average, inoculation of a single tree may require half a day; harvesting, transportation, and segregating the wood to various grades will involve another half a day per tree; carving the chips is a highly labour-intensive job; further, processing the wood into oil will require a team of employees. By creating jobs, Vanadurgi is contributing to the social and economic development of society. 

Foreign exchange

Agarwood can generate good foreign exchange as this is a product whose main focus is exports. Agarwood oil and chips are the key products for exports. When the project achieves full-scale production, it is estimated that about 1 lakh trees will be harvested and processed every year, earning foreign exchange of about 100 crore per year. 

Environmentally sound

Planting the tree is the key effort to stop global warming and climate change. The project is promoting Agar tree cultivation, which will increase the tree cover in the region. About 2.5 lakh Agarwood trees are planted every year. It is estimated that 0.25 to 0.5 ton carbon is stored in a mature Agarwood tree. And the inoculation technology we use will allow the tree to regenerate again after harvesting. Overall, the project is environmentally responsible by planting trees that improve our world for today, and tomorrow. It is profitable, and great for the environment, too.